Sadguru Shri Kada Siddha

Revan Nath (also known as Revanasiddha) is the Great saint from whom this everlasting Guruparampara began.He was one of the nine great saints who were known as NAVANATH(Nine sages). He was the Noble follower & a Great Devotee of Shree Datta (Shree Datta is Considered as One of the Gods in Indian Religion ) .A woman called, as "maiee" ,for some reason, was against all saints in "karver" province. She used to trouble the saints who had acquired Siddhi (God gifted powers) and hence Revananath was requested by his disciple (Marul Siddha) to stop Maiee by using powers given to Revananath by Shree Datta. Revananath accepted this request & converted "maiee" to a musical instrument, which is said that, he used to play until his death. Due to his very kind heart & Great powers with which he stopped "maiee", people started to call him Kada Siddha. The temple of Kada Siddha is located on a hill Siddhagiri near Karver Province. People believed & worshiped Kada Siddha to be Lord Shankar (the Great Hindu God, believed to be residing on the Kailash Mountain in the Great HIMALAYAS).


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